Working with a Bitrix order for D7
Работа с заказом Битрикс на D7

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Bitrix. Working with an order for D7

Get data about the order by its id using \Bitrix\Sale\Internals\OrderTable

	$arOrder = \Bitrix\Sale\Internals\OrderTable::getList(array('order' => array('ID' => 'ASC'), 'filter' => array('ID' => $ORDER_ID)))->Fetch();
	$arOrder = CSaleOrder::GetList(array(), array('ID' => $ORDER_ID))->Fetch();

Getting the order object

//we receive an order by id
$order = \Bitrix\Sale\Order::load($orderId);

//we receive an order by order number
$order = \Bitrix\Sale\Order::loadByAccountNumber($orderNumber);

We get all the order parameters


Retrieving the most commonly used parameters:

$order->getField("ID"); // ID заказа
$order->getField("LID"); // ID сайта
$order->getField("ACCOUNT_NUMBER"); // Номер заказа
$order->getField("PAY_SYSTEM_ID"); //* ID платежной системы
$order->getField("DELIVERY_ID"); //* ID службы доставки
$order->getField("DATE_INSERT"); // object(DateTime) Время добавления
$order->getField("DATE_UPDATE"); // object(DateTime) Время обновления
$order->getField("PERSON_TYPE_ID"); // ID типа плательщика (физ/юр лицо)
$order->getField("USER_ID"); // ID пользователя
$order->getField("PAYED"); //* Статус оплаты (Y/N)
$order->getField("DATE_PAYED"); //* object(DateTime) Дата оплаты
$order->getField("DEDUCTED"); //* Отгрузка заказа
$order->getField("DATE_DEDUCTED"); //* object(DateTime) Дата отгрузки
$order->getField("EMP_DEDUCTED_ID"); //*
$order->getField("REASON_UNDO_DEDUCTED"); //* Причина отмены отгрузки
$order->getField("STATUS_ID"); // Статус заказа (F/N/H  т.п., посмотреть можно тут /bitrix/admin/sale_status.php?lang=ru)
$order->getField("DATE_STATUS"); // object(DateTime) Дата изменения статуса
$order->getField("PRICE_DELIVERY"); //* Стоимость доставки
$order->getField("ALLOW_DELIVERY"); //* Доставка разрешена
$order->getField("PRICE"); // Сумма заказа
$order->getField("CURRENCY"); // Код валюты
$order->getField("DISCOUNT_VALUE"); // Скидка
$order->getField("TAX_VALUE"); // Налог
$order->getField("SUM_PAID"); //  Оплаченная сумма
$order->getField("USER_DESCRIPTION"); // Комментарий покупателя к заказу
$order->getField("PAY_VOUCHER_NUM"); // Номер документа прихода
$order->getField("PAY_VOUCHER_DATE"); // object(DateTime) Дата прихода
$order->getField("ADDITIONAL_INFO"); // Дополнительная информация
$order->getField("COMMENTS"); // Комментарий администратора
$order->getField("COMPANY_ID"); // Офис
$order->getField("RESPONSIBLE_ID"); // Ответственный
$order->getField("LOCKED_BY"); // ID пользователя, заблокировавший заказ
$order->getField("DATE_LOCK"); // object(DateTime) Дата блокировки
$order->getField("CANCELED"); // Омена заказа (N/Y)
$order->getField("DATE_CANCELED"); // object(DateTime) Дата отмены
$order->getField("REASON_CANCELED"); // Причина отмены

Updating and saving the order

$order->setField('PAYED', 'Y');

Tracking order status changes

Event before changing the status OnSaleBeforeStatusOrderChange , after changing OnSaleStatusOrderChange

\Bitrix\Main\EventManager::getInstance()->addEventHandler('sale', 'OnSaleStatusOrderChange', ['Handler', 'OnSaleStatusOrderChange']);

class Handler {
  function OnSaleStatusOrderChange($event)
    $parameters = $event->getParameters();
    if ($parameters['VALUE'] === 'F') { //Checking the status by its code
		//Можно по имени с помощью $event->getParameter('NAME')
		$order = $parameters['ENTITY'];


    return new \Bitrix\Main\EventResult(

Bitrix, we receive a link to pay for the order

$ORDER = \Bitrix\Sale\Order::load($arResult['ORDER']['ID']);
if (!$ORDER->getPaymentCollection()->isEmpty() && $order['PAYED'] != 'Y') {

	/** @var Payment $payment */
	$payment = $ORDER->getPaymentCollection()->current();

	$service = \Bitrix\Sale\PaySystem\Manager::getObjectById($payment->getPaymentSystemId());
	if ($service) {
		$context = \Bitrix\Main\Application::getInstance()->getContext();

		$result = $service->initiatePay(

		if ($result->isSuccess()) {
			echo $result->getTemplate();

Viewing an order by an unauthorized user in Bitrix with sending a link to the order to the user

In the / personal / order / folder, create a detail.php file and place the bitrix: sale.personal.order.detail component in it

		"ACTIVE_DATE_FORMAT" => "d.m.Y",
		"ALLOW_INNER" => "N",
		"CACHE_GROUPS" => "Y",
		"CACHE_TIME" => "3600",
		"CACHE_TYPE" => "A",
		"CUSTOM_SELECT_PROPS" => array(""),
		"ID" => $ID,
		"PATH_TO_CANCEL" => "",
		"PATH_TO_COPY" => "",
		"PATH_TO_LIST" => "",
		"PATH_TO_PAYMENT" => "payment.php",
		"PICTURE_HEIGHT" => "110",
		"PICTURE_WIDTH" => "110",
		"PROP_1" => array(""),
		"PROP_2" => array(""),
		"SET_TITLE" => "Y"

Follow the path /bitrix/admin/settings.php?mid=sale&lang=ru&back_url_settings=&tabControl_active_tab=edit1 ( Settings -> Product settings -> Modules settings ) < / p>

We are looking for a group of properties Settings for displaying an order card in the public part and enable the option Allow viewing an order by key without authorization

Use /personal/order/detail.php?ID=#order_id# as the path template. Don't forget to select the required statuses

In the template of the letter sent when setting a specific status, insert a link to the order #ORDER_PUBLIC_URL#

Everyone. Now, when setting a new status in an order, the user will be sent an email with a link to view the order incognito

1C Bitrix and Yandex Checkout, how to generate / receive a link to pay for an order?

Answer from stackOverflow

use Bitrix\Main,
   $registry = Sale\Registry::getInstance(Sale\Registry::REGISTRY_TYPE_ORDER);
   $orderClassName = $registry->getOrderClassName();
   $order = $orderClassName::loadByAccountNumber(10);// id заказа
   if ($order->isAllowPay()) {
     $paymentCollection = $order->getPaymentCollection();
     foreach ($paymentCollection as $payment) {
        $arResult["PAYMENT"][$payment->getId()] = $payment->getFieldValues();
        if (intval($payment->getPaymentSystemId()) > 0 && !$payment->isPaid()) {
            $paySystemService = PaySystem\Manager::getObjectById($payment->getPaymentSystemId());
            if (!empty($paySystemService)) {
                $arPaySysAction = $paySystemService->getFieldsValues();
                if ($paySystemService->getField('NEW_WINDOW') === 'N' || $paySystemService->getField('ID') == PaySystem\Manager::getInnerPaySystemId()){
                    $initResult = $paySystemService->initiatePay($payment, null, PaySystem\BaseServiceHandler::STRING);
                    if ($initResult->isSuccess())
                        $arPaySysAction['BUFFERED_OUTPUT'] = $initResult->getTemplate(); // получаем форму оплаты из обработчика
                        $arPaySysAction["ERROR"] = $initResult->getErrorMessages();

Shift order IDs

To do this, go to SQL query and use the command:

ALTER TABLE b_sale_order AUTO_INCREMENT = 100000

where 100000 Id from which numbering should begin


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