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My name is Alexander and I am a Bitrix programmer

I have been developing websites of any complexity for over 15 years. I have vast experience under my belt and have exceptional reliability. If you are looking for an artist for your project, then I am the best option.


About me

Expert in basic front-end technologies HTML, CSS (including SASS, LESS), Javascript. The main bundle with which I work in 85% of cases: PHP 7 + CSS (SASS \ LESS) + HTML5 + MYSQL. I constantly use PHP, Jquery, Ajax, API of external services. I have rich experience in back-end technology: PHP (5.3-5.5; migrating to 7). I have the skills to develop top-level modern graphic design, I know and use: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, SVG, infographics, technical design. Rich experience in working with relational databases: MySQL, SQLite, partly NoSQL. There is a successful experience of creating a chrome extension.

Work experience

Rich experience: as a lead programmer and team lead, teamwork, self-development, commercial development, web development, store development and corporate portals, product support.

I understand SEO and high-speed website optimization. I have experience working with all major CMS: 1C-Bitrix, Bitrix24, UMI.CMS, HostCMS, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, MODX, Opencart, DLE, PrestaShop, InstantCMS. Administrative knowledge of Bitrix Virtual Machine 7+

Among the latest interesting tasks I can mention: several projects developed from scratch on Bitrix and Bitrix24, working with the social API. networks and many external services, the implementation of krossposting in all popular social. networks, development of chat bots for WhatsApp and telegram, complex application of Bitrix24 api in several projects at once, development of your own crm for VKontakte, integration of sdesk crm into your Avtonavix personal account, work with 1C web servers, integration of payment systems of many providers for different sites, work with trade offers

I have knowledge of React, Node.js, nginx configuring web servers, writing my own CRM.

My skills

  • 90%
    HTML5 + CSS5
  • 85%
    1C Bitrix + Bitrix24
  • 80%
    JS + Jquery
  • 75%
    PHP 5+
  • 60%
    Other CMS
  • 25%
Prior to the start of the SWO, for 12 years he was fulfilling orders on the Ukrainian project exchange freelancehunt. During this time, he rose to the top of the exchange and got a lot of positive reviews. You can see my rating and reviews for yourself. Go to profile
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Professional activity

2004 - present



I have worked and continue to work for individual customers, implementing tasks of a very different focus. From simple layouts to complex portals.

January 2020 - present

Developer Proud Group LLC


Work as part of an old reliable studio. Development of projects of any complexity level, including fully custom Bitrix builds

March 2018 - August 2019

Lead developer of "Once and Twice" agency


For almost a year and a half I have developed or worked on more than 30 sites. He worked in a team and himself. He made both the simplest edits and developed complex projects alone. Saturated and varied work

June 2007 - July 2017

Senior Inspector of the OSO Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR

Official site developer

7 years he worked as a civilian employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Luhansk region, another 3 years he served in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR. Resigned as a senior lieutenant. All this time, my task was to develop and maintain the site of the local Ministry of Internal Affairs


My works

Web design, website development, programming, corporate identity, svg animation - what I do best. For more than 15 years of work, more than 171 projects have gathered in my portfolio, and this figure is constantly growing. I work on projects of any complexity. Examples of sites I have created include corporate and information portals, landing pages, online stores, hybrid solutions.

When creating sites, I am always guided by the goals of my clients, the most modern development technologies and the actual requirements of search engines. All my projects are capable of submitting applications on the first day after launch.


HTML Coding, Optimization, Programming, Scripting

Complex layout, optimization, script development and project core

Construction Calculator


A very complex calculator for calculating the cost of construction with a direct connection to 1C

Up to home


Full redesign and pulling on the engine


HTML Coding, Optimization, Programming, Scripting

A number of major improvements have been made


HTML Coding, Optimization, Programming, Scripting

Numerous tweaks and improvements

My Baikal


Turnkey development

HTML Coding, Optimization, Scripting

Complex layout and scripting


HTML Coding, Optimization, Programming

Programming, modifications, scripting


HTML Coding, Optimization, Programming, Scripting

Programming, modifications, scripting

Emaro SSL

HTML Coding, Optimization, Programming, Scripting

HTML Coding, programming and complex work with API


HTML Coding, Programming, Scripting

Complex custom reworking of the project from Zend to pure Bitrix API


HTML Coding, Optimization, Programming, Scripting

Turnkey development according to the finished design

Some of the work was hidden under the terms of confidentiality agreements or site owners

If you are the owner of one of the sites on which I worked, but do not want it to appear in my portfolio, please contact me. Please attach a document confirming your ownership of this site in your letter.

What people say

Sergey Konyakov

We have been working together for over a year. We have jointly implemented several difficult tasks within our own projects. We work in conjunction with 1C Bitrix + Bitrix24 + VK API + PHP + JS. I am satisfied with the results. Very talented developer

Sergey KonyakovDirector of the company ""
Alexander Sobolev

Not so long ago I turned to Alexander with a request to make a simple personal website, but he proved the need to use advanced technologies and design solutions. He took for his work quite inexpensively, but the site turned out to be gorgeous! I and my clients like it. I will continue to contact Alexander

Alexander SobolevFitness trainer and masseur

We collaborated with Alexander for a long time and fruitfully. I was very pleased with his work. Always in touch, sociable and ready to help. We created a great website together. I recommend.

DenisDirector of the company "Window Master"


Recent Posts

In my work, I constantly stumble upon or write code that can be reused. I came to the conclusion that the most convenient place to store such code is your own website. So the main purpose of this wiki is to conveniently store information.


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Email me

Are you developing a new service, making improvements to the existing one and want to be better than your competitors? You have come to the right place. I offer you a comprehensive studio-level website development. From me you can order design, layout, programming, development of non-traditional functionality, implementation of communication between CMS, CRM and Data Analitics, as well as everything else related to sites, except for promotion.

Contact, I will always advise on all questions and help you find the most effective solution for your business. I am engaged in the creation of sites in Novosibirsk and in other regions of Russia, I also work with the CIS countries. You will be satisfied with our cooperation

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