Working with warehouses and quantity of goods in Bitrix D7
Работа со складами и количеством товаров в Битрикс D7

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Selecting a warehouse by ID in Bitrix via D7

$arStore = \Bitrix\Catalog\StoreTable::getById($ID)->fetch();

Selection of active warehouses:

// Selection of all active warehouses:
$rsStore = \Bitrix\Catalog\StoreTable::getList(array(
	'filter' => array('ACTIVE'>='Y'),


To select all fields, including custom ones, add to the query the construction 'select' => array ('*', 'UF_ *') :

$arStore = \Bitrix\Catalog\StoreTable::getList(array(

Add caching to the selection of warehouses

$cntIBLOCK_List = 'Stores';
$cache = new CPHPCache();
$cache_time = 3600*24*360; //кеш на год
$cache_id = 'arIBlockListID'.$cntIBLOCK_List;
$cache_path = 'arIBlockListID';
if ($cache_time > 0 && $cache->InitCache($cache_time, $cache_id, $cache_path))
	$res = $cache->GetVars();
	if (is_array($res["arIBlockListID"]) && (count($res["arIBlockListID"]) > 0)){
		$arIBlockListID = $res["arIBlockListID"];

if (!is_array($arIBlockListID))
	//Выборка всех активных складов:
	$rsStore = \Bitrix\Catalog\StoreTable::getList(array(
		'filter' => array('ACTIVE'>='Y'),


	//////////// end cache /////////
	if ($cache_time > 0)
		$cache->StartDataCache($cache_time, $cache_id, $cache_path);

If you are using Aspro store, you can use the built-in function:

$arStores=CNextCache::CCatalogStore_GetList(array(), array("ACTIVE" => "Y"), false, false, array());

Get all information about the product, including the quantity (deprecated method):


Fetching the quantity of a product with an identifier in $ productId in all active warehouses:

$rsStoreProduct = \Bitrix\Catalog\StoreProductTable::getList(array(
	'filter' => array('=PRODUCT_ID'=>$arResult["ID"],'STORE.ACTIVE'=>'Y'),
	'select' => array('*','UF_*'),

	$amount[$arStoreProduct['STORE_ID']] = $arStoreProduct;

Selecting the quantity of goods with the identifier in $ productId in all active warehouses (additionally, select the warehouse name):

$rsStoreProduct = \Bitrix\Catalog\StoreProductTable::getList(array(
    'filter' => array('=PRODUCT_ID'=>$productId,'STORE.ACTIVE'=>'Y'),
    'select' => array('AMOUNT','STORE_ID','STORE_TITLE' => 'STORE.TITLE'),


Fetching the quantity of goods with an identifier in $ productId in a warehouse with an identifier in $ storeId (additionally select the name of the warehouse and the name of the product):

$rsStoreProduct = \Bitrix\Catalog\StoreProductTable::getList(array(
    'filter' => array('=PRODUCT_ID'=>$productId,'=STORE_ID'=>$storeId),
    'limit' => 1,


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