Feedback on work in the kwork service
Отзыв о сервисе kwork

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After the start of the SMO, I had to change the services that were comfortable for me to search for additional orders and pay attention to domestic analogues of freelance. One of these options was

The service leaves a positive first impression. Explicitly pumped functionality, a large number of orders, a convenient mobile application, ease of use. But looking closer, he dramatically changed his attitude towards him.

The policy of the administration causes a sharp rejection. In the first place is the profit of the project, which is not surprising under capitalism, only the size of greed is surprising. A commission of 25% is overkill by any standards. Example, for a project estimated at 20k, the customer will pay 25k. You can’t discuss the size of the commission, you can’t discuss the administration, you can’t publish your contacts, you can’t communicate directly with the customer, etc.

In case of disputes, priority is given to the customer a priori. In one of the "kworks" I had a conflict with the customer, he began to be rude and insult me. All that was available to me for protection was to close the project. As a result, I received a negative review, a minus to the “responsibility rating” and an extremely negative impression. Of course, there is no talk of payment after the services performed.

By the way, the support service did not deign to answer me within a few hours, and it is impossible to leave a negative review about the customer, because this project uses the "Honest Reviews" system, when only the customer can leave them without fear of a reaction in his address. It is very reminiscent of the vicious path of Epicgames, it also initially declared concern only for the developers.

I would especially like to note annoying and intrusive alerts and notifications. In the process of work, no matter what you do in the project, you are constantly taught, led by the handle and not allowed to jump over the flags. You are asked to communicate politely, not to discuss the administration, not to talk about the commission, to think well before writing to the customer, etc. etc. Level of treatment like a baby who cannot be trusted with a water pistol. Very annoying.

I would call the presence of such services a "burp" of capitalism. Their arrogance and cynicism are outrageous. It is strange that state regulators have not yet reached this area of activity, or did they get there and do nothing...?

If I can warn at least a couple of people, then that will be my reward enough.


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